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Hello, I’m Iris. This is my blog, I’m a blogger. Saying I’m a blogger is like saying I’m a DJ because everyone is a DJ (I tried and I very much suck at it because I can’t transition between tracks if my life depended on it). I’m a dancer living and working in the Bay Area; Oakland!4Life, residing in Alameda, and dancing in San Francisco.

I’m a daughter,


Auntie to one beautiful little ballerina named Sophia and two boys, Carrington & Lealand, who love trucks and running.


Fun-Food Free because my metabolism said ‘byee’ to my body last year.

Feminist, it’s not a dirty word.

Graduate student at San Francisco State.

Happy, joyous, and free.

Lover of dancewear,

Gummies bears,


and mild-tamed adventures that sound like “glamping”.

My girlfriends are funnier than yours #sorrynotsorry.

My favorite part of dance is the experience of being in my body. Feeling every movement, motion, and rhythm.

My first dance lesson was Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation” video.

I believe in love, honesty, kindness, and the future.

I believe girls of color need more love.

I believe dance can save us from ourselves.

I love to laugh, cry, laugh some more, clap at the end of movies, and lose myself in moments.

Thanks for stopping by.

See me @

Instagram: ediep0p & bayareagirlsrockcamp

Twitter: browngirldance

SnapChat: iris.p

Talk to me @



If you are interested in
product reviews, ad space or other ways of sponsoring brown girl dancing,

please feel free to contact me via email.

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