In 2013, Eric and I went to Hawaii with his family. We were intent on driving Hana during our stay in Maui however we were very lazy and ended up laying on the beach everyday instead. My dad decided to invite me to Hawaii at the last minute, he was going to Maui with my sister Miranda since she was going to be in her best friend’s wedding. I’m not one to say ‘no’ to any invitation where 1. I don’t have to pay for the ticket 2. the destination is Maui. Therefore in the middle of my loco semester I decided to go ahead and give myself a mini vacay. And on this trip we would drive the road to Hana.

On the road to Hana we listen to a self guided tour on an app Miranda purchased for $4.99. It was the best $4.99 spent on this trip. We got all the information someone who has never been on Hana or to Hawaii might want to know with little tips and excellent suggestions for stops along the way. It was rainy and misty and terrifying the higher we climbed. However, the higher we climbed the more I enjoyed the company I was with. My dad would add his own commentary to the guided tour and Miranda has the best taste in snack food. We had a special moment on that drive. On the way down from Hana we had the windows rolled down since the rain had stopped, and the view from the top down the lush green hills to the ocean was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It was peaceful and rather magical on Hana. However, I’m not going to be driving on that road again because of the 600 twists, curves, and turns. Don’t even get me started on the bridges!

Here it is my moment of zen: I have been feeling overwhelmed these past several weeks. With my new job, school, and some health stuff a love one is striving to take care of, it’s been stressful. But I’m noticing it’s been rough for a lot of individuals around me. I believe that calamity can end in serenity. Living in calamity is awful and requires some kind of harsh intervention in order for me to recognize the work I need to do in order to regain my serenity. Hana gave me serenity and a reminder that I’m a small part on bigger, breathtaking road. As well as the need for me to make some changes. All in all, I’m pretty lucky to have been able to spend that time with my dad and sister even if I’m behind on my course work again. It was worth it. They are worth it.

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